Heads! Documentary Project – Animation

I animated for Graham Williamson films documentary, ‘Heads!’. This was a very fun project to animate- just read the description!


Trailer for the upcoming documentary feature ‘Heads!’. An anonymous artist leaves a trail of stone heads across Yorkshire, sending the filmmaker on a journey through Britain’s Celtic history, the artistic heritage of his home county, and a bizarre forty-year-old mystery involving werewolves. Werewolves? Yes, werewolves. ‘Heads!’ is a funny, eerie and thought-provoking exploration of the mystery of art and the art of mystery.

Currently touring festivals: get your info at www.twitter.com/HeadsMovie, tumblr.com/blogs/headsmovie and facebook.com/HeadsMovie.

Written, directed and edited by Graham Deans Williamson
Camera operator: Oliver Lewis
Music: Bob Pegg
Animation: Klara Bow Piechocki 

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