Order ‘Teeth of a Lock & The Art of Losing’

Plume Storytellers are delighted to announce the release of ‘Teeth of a Lock’, a collection of works by Klara Piechocki. ‘Teeth of a Lock’ is a sequin heavy and thoughtful collection of 5 stories that explore themes of gender and identity;-

‘Teeth of a Lock’ is the story of a woman accepting her life as both a werewolf and bisexual woman after the murder of her husband.

‘The Art of Losing’ is a snapshot of the relationship between an ambitious gymnast and a circus ringmaster.

‘Sequins and Vertebrae’ is a sequin heavy look into the genderqueer community, set in an ocean of jellyfish.

‘A Deeper Understanding’ looks at the difficulties faced by a computer whisperer, Valerie, as she consoles a laptop that has fallen in love with its owner. <Read ‘A Deeper Understanding’ here!>

‘Looking for Wilde’ is a play set in modern day Ireland. An older gay man has writers block and goes on a pilgrimage to Dublin to find the spirit of Oscar Wilde. He encounters a young transsexual who joins him on his quest. But is either man really searching for Oscar?


‘Teeth of a Lock’ launches on May 24th 2012. You can order your copy today through me for just £10-