How *not* to write dialogue: Into the Storm (2014)


So I watched Into the Storm this week. I’m morbidly interested in tornados- I have a life plan that includes if I’m ever terminally ill, I’d like to go become a storm chaser. What a way to die.
I was so excited to see this at the cinema as I’ve missed watching other great disaster movies on the big screen. But from the first moment Richard Armitage and his family started talking, I was cringing in my little foldable seat. Poor Richard Armitage, who I know from his other films as a broodingly nuanced performer!


I learnt very early in my writing career that if you give actors bad dialogue, nothing can save it. I was in my first year of a film degree and I’d submitted my script to be read by real actors, and each bad line had me dying a little inside.
The moral of this story is to read your dialogue out loud. Hell, read your entire novel/script/play out loud.

And if you still don’t believe me, watch this film.



I can’t even answer you because I find your dialogue so unbelievable that you’ve broken the fourth wall!