Saturday Queerfish making

I’ve gathered new materials and I’m making Queerfish again.

I’ve always loved this project, and I’m planning to create a new installation piece incorporating the sculptures and writing work. I visualise the Queerfish hung around the walls and ceiling, surrounded by drawings of the project and ocean sounds. I’d also love to have the short story printed on the wall, or maybe read out while people are looking at the sculptures.


I went into a budget store here in England to buy neon underwear for my sculptures. I smiled at the woman serving me and handed over this bag full of mismatched bras, knickers and leopard print bikinis. I said, “In my defence, it’s for an art project.”
She looked at me, deadpan, and said, “What? What are you trying to tell me?” And started scanning bikini bottoms. I chuckled nervously and added, “You know, they’re all different sizes, just so you know I’m not going to wear all of these.” I hoped would be the subtext would be; I’m not a crazy person, but she just looked at me with no reply, and went back to scanning.

So, this morning I put together a hat/dome I’d knitted a while ago using the most gorgeous nordic wool called Nomad by Sirdar. I layered sequins underneath it and added a suspender belt for tentacles.

Later tonight in front of a good film, I’ll add sequins to the dome and layer some more tentacles.