Our Parents’ Armour – Animation Workshop

I took part in the creation of an animation project led by animator Evan Wilkinson. I came in for two sessions as an illustrator and fellow animator to talk about character design.

This is the final result of a mixed media animation project at The Connaught School in Aldershot, for Hampshire County Council and Strong Island Media.

‘Our Parents’ Armour’ is a poem that is written and animated by young people from The Connaught School, who are all children of military personnel. They created a suit of armour for their parents out of memories of home and messages of support. This project was funded by the MOD Community Covenant and formed part of the Hampshire Forces Film Festival.  Nine groups took part in the project, each making an animation about life in the MOD.

A documentary about the making of these films can be seen at http://hampshireyouthforcesfilms.co.uk

For more information about Evan and his workshops and projects please visit http://evanwilkinson.co.uk

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